Hello there. My name is Kyle. I'm starting this blog as a place to discuss and show off Japanese culture. I'm by no use of the word an 'expert' in Japanese culture, but I do have a deep respect and interest in the country's rich history and way of life.

What to Expect?

I don't want to write about the things we see everyday about Japan. I don't want this to be an anime blog or all about those weird vending machines. Yes, they are interesting but they are also something that most people could talk about in passing. Rather, I'd love to talk about the history of the maid cafe or maybe why some Buddhist monks drive Mercedes. These seemingly odd things get to the heart of a culture. Japan has a very rich culture and history that captured young me.

About Me

I indeed did fall in love with anime in my teenage years, but my love of Japan grew from that rather than entrenching me or waning. I studied Japanese in high school and besides learning some Japanese, I met my future wife. I continued my Japanese study in college with the eventual decision to study abroad at Ritsumeikan University (立命館大学) in Kyoto, Japan. My time there is remembered as some of my best. I made many friends and memories that year.

I came back to my hometown and went on to graduate with a minor in Japanese. In the time since, I've worked and started my adult life all while falling deeply in love with Japanese culture and history. I hope that the writings, videos, discussions, and whatever comes helps bring others together through a shared love.