JLPT Progress - Week 1

The first week of Japanese study is under my belt. Not much room, honestly, for much more of anything. Progress has started and that's feels good.

Weekly Post Overview

These posts are to give myself a sense of how I'm progressing in my journey towards December 3rd. I'll set weekly goals for myself and update my progress on the previous weeks goals. This will give me my velocity and see where I need to improve. The first part of the post will be how I feel about this last week before going into the raw statistics of it all.

With that out of the way, onto the goals! This week, I'll do both the goals I set out for myself and what I completed.

Week 1 Goals

  • Signup for iKnow and start the Japanese Core 1000 deck
  • Signup for Skritter and start on the Genki 1 deck
  • Find my old copy of Genki 1 and the accompanying workbook
  • Find my old Dictionary of Japanese Grammar

Thoughts on Goals and Improvements

It's been good to have a formalized structure in my Japanese study. Most of my previous study has been rather ad hoc.

I'm greatly enjoying iKnow. The best advice I've followed is to say each sentence out loud on iKnow. I look like a crazy person but it's not too uncommon to talk to one's self in my town.

Skritter is a great app but I haven't had as much time to use it as iKnow. I may need to start using a tablet for this though since my thumb is starting to wear out from all the swipping. I'm old and cranky so tablet might be best.

It's been good to get my old Genki books out. These are the first versions but they worked in the past so they should work now. Finding a workbook was a bit of chore though.

Can't find my Japanese Grammar Dictionary...

Week 2 Goals

  • Finish Step 1 of iKnow's Japanese Core 1000
  • Learn 20 kanji in Skritter
  • Finish the first 2 chapters of Genki 1
  • Buy new Japanese Grammar Dictionary