JLPT Progress - Week 1

The first week of Japanese study is under my belt. Not much room, honestly, for much more of anything. Progress has started and that's feels good. Weekly Post Overview These posts are to give myself a sense of how I'm progressing in my journey towards December 3rd. I'll set weekly… more

Added Disqus to Posts

About a year ago I started designing this blog. A side project to become familiar with how web design should work. Since November, I let the blog gather a bit of dust. New jobs tend to do that to hobbies. Now that I have some more motivation and time, I'm… more

Starting the Journey to JLPT N4

About 10 years ago, I started my Japanese study. That first year was filled with a disappointing class, short-lived teachers, and absolutely the worst classmates I had in my school career. So it's more fair to say my Japanese study started 9 years ago. I (maybe) learned hiragana that first… more

Buddhism, Minimalist Life, and Sparking Joy

The first blog post on minimalism. I hope to convey what I feel about minimalism in my life. It's a road I'm still working on, but over the past six months, I've cultivated a mindset that combines knowledge from books and articles, eastern religion philosophy, and my own observations. I… more